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Mirae Asset is a Permanent Innovator Opening the Door to the Future.


We will build successful partnerships with the companies we invest in to stay as a partner for their journey to growth.

CEO Greeting

Corporate Partner Armed with Knowledge of the Industry

  • Mirae Asset Venture Investment discovers and invests in growth-stage companies that have fresh ideas and advanced technologies and offers support with management, consulting, M&A, and restructuring to help them make a leap forward toward successful businesses.
  • With an in-depth understanding of the investment industry and broad networks, we establish strategies that can progressively increase the industrial competitiveness and enhance the value of the partner companies through industrial reorganization based on capital power, not solely focusing on financial investments.
  • We, together with Investment Banking (IB) Divisions and Research Center of Mirae Asset Securities(舊Mirae Asset Daewoo), our parent company, offer consulting and other business services related to IPOs, from stages of investment screening to going public. Synergies made from subsidiaries and overseas offices of Mirae Asset Financial Group, which is expanding its overseas footprint, will be of great help to small businesses.
  • Mirae Asset Venture Investment invests in many companies that have the potential to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including biotechnology, ICT, game, and semiconductor, as well as increases areas of investment, including eco-friendly foods, renewable energy, education, entertainment, and leisure.
  • ith our investment philosophy that remains faithful to the basics, we will spare no effort to stay together with our partner companies in their journey to growth.
  • Chief Executive Officer of Mirae Asset Venture Investment
  • Eung-Seok Kim

Management Philosophy


We value our people and embrace the
future with an open mind.


As a global financial group, we pursue excellence in investment management to help our clients achieve their long-term objectives

  • Clients First

    Our clients' success is paramount - their success is our success. We build and nurture long-term relationships with our clients by using our proven investment strategies to help create wealth for life.

  • Citizenship

    At Mirae Asset we are profoundly aware of our responsibilities. As good corporate citizens we aim to give back to the communities in which we live and work by supporting and participating in a range of initiatives within them.

  • Objectivity

    We assess every investment opportunity objectively and with total impartiality. Our independence sets us apart and helps ensure that our decisions are aligned with the needs of our clients.

  • Team play

    Mirae Asset's success is built on respect for each individual and a belief in the power of teamwork. It is our aim to create a true meritocracy in which talent and achievement are rewarded and opportunity is equally available to all.

  • Mirae Asset identifies the sustainable competitiveness of companies
  • Mirae Asset invests with a long term perspective
  • Mirae Asset assesses investment risks with expected return
  • Mirae Asset values a team-based approach in decision-making

Mirae Asset firmly adheres to these core investment principles.




11Formed MIRAE ASSET DemoTech Frontier Fund
(110 billion KRW)

11Formed Plux-MiraeAsset Fintech Fund
(30 billion KRW)

09Formed Mirae Asset Global Unicorn Venture Investment Association No.5
(36 billion KRW)

08Formed Mirae Asset – Emart Investment Association No.1
(100 billion KRW)

03Formed Mirae Asset Global Unicorn Venture Investment Association No.4
(5.5 billion KRW)

03Formed Mirae Asset Global Unicorn Venture Investment Association No.3
(28 billion KRW)

03Formed Mirae Asset Bio Frontier Investment Association
(45 billion KRW)

01Formed Mirae Asset Global Unicorn Investment Association No.2
(22 billion KRW)


12Formed Mirae Asset Next Revolution Investment Association No.2
(11.6 billion KRW)

12Formed Mirae Asset Next Revolution Investment Association (20 billion KRW)

11Formed Mirae Asset Sage Investment Association No.2 (211.2 billion KRW)

10Established Mirae Asset WE Semiconductor Startup Venture Specialized Private Placement Investment Joint-stock Company (100.1 billion KRW)

07Formed Mirae Asset Global Unicorn Investment Association (24.2 billion KRW)

06Formed MAVINew Growth Good Company Investment Association No.3 (23 billion KRW)

05Established Mirae Asset ESG Corporate Financial Stability Private Placement Investment Joint-stock Company (15.1 billion KRW)

05Formed Mirae Asset New Growth Good Company Investment Association No.21-1 (30 billion KRW)


11Formed Mirae Asset  Innovative Growth Investment Association (80.1 billion KRW)

05Acquired Mirae Asset Content Panda  iMBC Content Investment Association



12Established SK S Mirae Asset Corporate Financial Stability Private Placement Investment Joint-stock Company (207 billion KRW)

12Mirae Asset Next Korea Intelligence Information Venture Investment Association (100 billion KRW)

11Formed Mirae Asset New Growth Good Company Investment Association No.19-2 (18 billion KRW)

04Launched MiraeassetCurious Corporate Recovery Private Equity Fund (101.5 billion KRW) Launched Mirae Asset-Green Frog Investment Fund (10 billion KRW)

03Go public on the KOSDAQ (Planned) Launched Mirae Asset Good company Investment Fund #19-1 (22 billion KRW)


07Launched Hancom-Mirae Asset 4th Industrial Revolution Fund (15.5 billion KRW)

05Launched Mirae Asset New Growth Good Company Secondary Fund 18-1 (15 billion KRW)


12Launched Mirae Asset Youth Venture Fund No.2 (25 billion KRW)

09Launched Mirae Asset Hi-tech Frontier Fund (25 billion KRW)


12Largest shareholder changed its company name (Mirae Asset Securities → Mirae Asset Daewoo)

11Launched 2016 KIF-Mirae Asset ICT Specialized Fund (30 billion KRW)

07Launched Mirae Asset Good Company Secondary Fund No.2 (20 billion KRW)


11Launched Koscom-Mirae Asset Fintech Fund No.1 (20 billion KRW)

05Established Seoul office at ‘Level 21, Glass Tower, 534 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul'


08Launched Mirae Asset Good Company Secondary Fund (18 billion KRW)


09Launched Noru-Mirae Asset AgroStar Project Fund (16 billion KRW)


08Moved HQ to ‘Level 11, Mirae Asset Venture Tower, 685 Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do'

03Mirae Asset Venture Investment Capital increase by issuing new stocks Capital 24,862,215,000 KRW


12Established PEF(Mirae Asset Nice PEF)  (81.4 billion KRW)

07Launched 2010 KIF-Mirae Asset IT Specialized Fund (28.5 billion KRW)



10Moved HQ to ‘Dongbu Root Building, 16-2 Soonae-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do'


12Launched MAF Mirae Asset Agri-Energy Fund No.4  (20 billion KRW)


03Launched Mirae Asset Good Company Fund No.1 (20.3 billion KRW)

02Moved HQ to “Level 21, Kins Tower, 25-1 Jeongja-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do"


08Capital increase by issuing new stocks Capital 20,195,550,000 KRW

08Capital reduction without refund (56.74%) Capital 12,889,590,000 KRW

08Capital increase without consideration (49%) Capital 29,796,275,000 KRW


12Changed its name to Mirae Asset Venture Investment

03Capital increase by issuing new stocks (Capital 19.9 billion KRW after issuance)



11Launched Hankook Dream Venture Fund Information Communication No.1

06Registered as VC (SMBA)

06Established Hankook Dream Capital (Capital 10 billion KRW)


Mirae Asset Venture Investment
Got your back

  • CEO Eung-Suk Kim
  • Chief Executive Auditor Kwang-Suh Kim
  • Head of VC DivisionⅠ
    Vice President
    Jung-Hoon Chae
  • VC DivisionⅠ
    Managing Director
    Justin Min Kim
  • VC DivisionⅠ
    General Manager
    Hak-moo Lee
  • VC DivisionⅠ
    General Manager
    Woo-Jin Jeong
  • VC DivisionⅠ
    General Manager
    Nam-Hyun Kim
  • VC DivisionⅠ
    Senior Manager
    Jae-min Seo
  • VC DivisionⅠ
    Senior Manager
    Eddie Park
  • Head of VC DivisionⅡ
    Senior Managing Director
    Jeong-Soo Han
  • VC DivisionⅡ
    Jin-Hwan Cho
  • VC DivisionⅡ
    General Manager
    Se-Bum Oh
  • VC DivisionⅡ
    General Manager
    Tae-Hwan Choi
  • VC Division Ⅱ
    General Manager
    Woong-Sun Yoo
  • Head of VC DivisionⅢ
    Senior Managing Director
    Jae-Joon Kim
  • VC DivisionⅢ
    General Manager
    Joo-Hwan Lee
  • VC DivisionⅢ
    General Manager
    Woo-Suk Kim
  • VC DivisionⅢ
    Senior Manager
    Ray Hyo Won Ahn
  • Head of PE Division
    Managing Director
    Dong-Hee Hong
  • PE Division
    Bo-Ram Kwon
  • PE Division
    General Manager
    Chi-Hyun Bang
  • PE Division
    General Manager
    Tae-Young Um
  • PE Division
    Senior Manager
    Su-Yeon Kang
  • Head of Management
    Division Director
    Joon-Yup Park
  • Business Operations
    Senior Manager
    Ki-Woong Woo
  • Business Operations
    Senior Manager
    Na-Ri Han
  • Business Operations
    Se-Kyung Min
  • Investment Operations
    General Manager
    Ju-Lee Sim
  • Investment Operations
    Senior Manager
    Jin-Hee Lee
  • Investment Operations
    Won-Ju Lee
  • Investment Operations
    Ji-Eun Na
  • Investment Operations
    Ju-Hee Kim
  • Investment Operations
    Bin Han
  • Compliance Officer Jong-Rock Lee